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CIA torture and kill afghan civilian and US citizen

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This is 100% true story. The information was taken from CIA reports

and eyewitness.

Place: Afghanistan Tangi Valley

Date: 28 July 2018

Story starts from deploy of 3 cia agents K. M. L. .They was sent to

investigate killing afghan civilian in that camp. Met them in a place

appointed to the base agent CIA M. O. The next day he invited

them for several interrogations to help. From the first interrogation

it became known that Agent O likes to knock out people to get

information. He put a towel on prisoner face and watered it until the

man did not kept consciousness and so until he get all the information

he need, several interrogations passed that way. It was routine until

they brought Abdullah Moqbil who was seeking asylum in the camp

refugees, it was not far from the operational base. O had

information that Abdoullah knew some information that could help to

find one of the main Taliban rebels. Workers of a private military

company detained the abdullah and handed over to the headquarters

from where and was sent agent M. who, along with employees of a

private military company. They led him to the entrance to the basement

where the agents K. and L. waited.

They closed his eyes and spent in the basement where they tied to

the chair and summoned O for interrogation. O came and

torture began. O was sure that Abdoullah will help get out of

Shah. Agent K. came and hold Abudullah while O drove him through

the towelie, drilled his legs, tore his teeth. During the torture of

abdul turned off what he had gone

hangers on the pipe and tortoises continued. At one point the hooker

broke up and Abudllah tried to escape but was an impoverished agent K.

hit him in the stomach and he was strained. After a barely living

Abdullah was asked the same questions and he could not say at the

beginning nothing to add did the agent K and O take him to the

corridor where O sent a bullet in Abdullah head after that

Abdullah died. Abdullah corpse was brought out of the basement,loaded

onto a car and taken to Taliban territory. The dead body was found by

Abdullah brother Bogdad after that he join to the Taliban.

After that moment agent L. sent the raport in Langly with that


which ought to sharpen the conflict, O decided to arrange a

shooting the video on which the Taliban are killing a marine where he

himself had to kill him but on the spot where there was to be shot was

installed a IED and marine snapped but it was all set as if the

Taliban had killed the marine

The investigation was completed and it was necessary to cover the

traces of that fact happened to agents K.M.L. was ordered to eliminate

O. For the arrest of O was sent a Special Forces group,

they deliverd him to a Taliban territory where the shootings were to

take place but the thing is that agent M. was badly take care of his M4a1

and whan he try to shoot hepen doublefeed which immediately failed, to

eliminate doublefeed left 15 minutes after that O was shot and

the body was left on the territory of the Taliban.

The agents went home and got their rewards for the murder of an

american citizen O and for torture and the killings of the local

population of Afghanistan

All this became known due to a person who could not keep silent and lock

eyes on such actions. Went as he came to me, a man was gone without a

trace and on mine address came a few letters of threats.

All documents will be presented in the next article.

Autor Mazur M.

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