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About team

S.O.D-AT is a Belgian airsoft team. Friendship, honesty, loyalty and a fun atmosphere are the pillars of our squad. In terms of playing style, we tend towards Milsim enriched with a healthy dose of fun. Our primary BDU is Multicam.

S.O.D or Surrender or Die originated in 2005 as a PC gaming clan, but soon became a group of good friends. In 2008, a few of S.O.D decided to try out airsoft as a new hobby and became part of SIE-ATT. In 2009 we met Viper Squad and liked their playing style (milsim). A little later we became part of Viper Squad. In this team we had great fun and learned a lot. We even had our first international airsoft experiences at Stirling Airsoft games in the UK.

On the 30th of June 2010, our story with Viper Squad ended; the team retired. Some of Viper Squad left Team ASF and started Team 13th SRS. We wanted to keep the S.O.D group together and decided to start S.O.D - AT or Surrender Or Die - Airsoft Team.

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