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The 13th Legion
Based in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Focused on just having a good time and support new players and people who don't have anyone else to go with. Mostly play Skirmish, some CQB and 1 MilSim a year. We have zero tolerance on "HIT" calling. Founder - CRUTCHES @crutches_f2000 Home site - Gunman Airsoft Midlands
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Started off as just a group of mates and since expanded by bringing friends from work and so on into the sport. In a nutshell, Just looking to have a great time but also support new players who want to get into airsoft, especially if they don't have anyone else to go with.

Applications to join - Sadly we can now only invite people once we have vetted them to make sure they call all hits as we have a zero tolerance "HIT" call policy. We have kicked a player for this already 😤🙄 We even call ricochet shots as hits, keep the game fair and fun for all.

And above all we don't want d**kh**ds 😂 we want chilled people who just want a good time and not looking for trouble.

Play style - We assign each player a role type based on their preferred playstyle. At the start of each game we discuss a strategy and run baofang radios to encourage team work;


- 'FLANKERS' (small objective, backline attacks) HOBBIT, BABY MONK

- 'SNIPER' (Overwatch, intel provider) - HUNTER, GARFIELD

Founder - CRUTCHES @crutches_f2000

Home site - Gunman Airsoft Midlands