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24 May 2020
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Total number of players 23
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Event type: Weekend Event , Organizer: Меценат

Ukraine, Kharkov region, Babai, 2020-05-24

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Event info

Organizer: Меценат
Location: Ukraine, Kharkov region, Babai, 2020-05-24
Event type: Weekend Event
Polygon: Жихарь
Number of players: 23
Expected index X 1
Ticket payment type Cash Payment
Start date: 24.05.20
Start time: 11:00:00
End date: 24.05.20
End time: 15:00:00
Parties and contributions :


  • "BLUE"
    5 min.
    0 UAH.
  • "BLUE DRG"
    5 min.
    0 UAH.
  • "GREEN"

  • "GREEN"
    5 min.
    0 UAH.
  • "GREEN DRGs"
    5 min.
    0 UAH.

Event rules description

The game is an ordinary resurrection, but with a game scenario.

Based on the domino game. Points with "BONES" will be laid out. The task of the teams is to collect the maximum combination.

There will be several points during the holding of which a "knuckle" is given. And for drg there will be tasks for "DOUBLE".

Don't forget the red bandages !!!