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17 November 2019
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Total number of players 45
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Event type: Confrontation, Organizer: Scout

Ukraine, Cherkasy region, Cherkasy, 2019-11-17

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Event info

Organizer: Scout
Location: Ukraine, Cherkasy region, Cherkasy, 2019-11-17
Event type: Confrontation
Polygon: Дахновка ЛЕП
Number of players: 45
Expected index X 9
Ticket payment type Cash Payment
Start date: 17.11.19
Start time: 9:30:00
End date: 17.11.19
End time: 16:30:00
Parties and contributions :


  • Fighter
    15 min.
    30 UAH.

Event rules description


Power transmission line, forest area ~ 1000 x 1000 m, which is clearly bounded on three sides by block roads.

Time spending:

Sunday 17, October. Start of the game at 10:15 (no delay)


On the game location there are 7 points in size, which the groups must pass in a clear sequence according to the schedule indicated individually for each group.

A point is a tree in a conspicuous place, marked with a keeper and an A4 sheet with the point number. Fixing the passage of the point is carried out by photographing the team fighter, who is located near the tree with the number, which naturally should be in the frame.

The difficulty is that only 15 minutes of time are allotted to visit each point. From the closing of one point to the opening of the next, 30 minutes of time are allotted for which you need to walk a distance of 400-800 m and find the next point you need.

The whole point of the game is that we do not have resistance groups that can get bored for hours and all groups act in equal conditions. The commander of the group decides for himself which points to go to, which to hold all 15 minutes of the opening so that others cannot visit it, when to organize an ambush somewhere on the way for another group, and when to just rest.

The graphs of the passage of points will be folded so that at each point you will not be bored and lonely, and it will very much depend on who quickly reached the point without loss and was able to gain a foothold there to hold it.

The game will introduce a limit on ammunition. Initially, each of the group members will have 5 mechanics OR one bunker. Also, each player will be given 5 tickets to replenish their BC (1 ticket - 1 mechanic / 3 tickets - 1 bunker / machine gun box).

For each point taken, players will be able to receive additional tickets to replenish the bookmaker's group. Tickets will be in the file at each of the points.

Note that the outlet will contain the number of tickets for two groups. Therefore, if the team successfully captures the point and leaves BEFORE the end of its closure, it receives only half of the tickets that are on the point. If the team successfully holds the point from opening to closing, it receives all tickets.

Timing points:

10:45 - 11:00

11:30 - 11:45

12:15 - 12:30

13:00 - 13:15

13:45 - 14:00

14:30 - 14:45

15:15 - 15:30


There will be no stationary ghoul for each of the game groups. Dead fighters follow the group at a distance of no more than 50m and revive after 15, after they have moved away from the point of contact.



Check in:

Everyone is welcome. ATTENTION: Players who have not been registered pay double the cost of the game. Unregistered players may not be allowed to play at the discretion of the organizers.

Rent of drives for games:

Ulan - (067 323 5136), Black - (067 927 0858)