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17 July 2022
Total number of players ~10
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Event type: Scenario Game, Organizer: koubecx

Czech Republic, Olomoucky, Olomouk, 2022-07-17

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Organizer: koubecx
Location: Czech Republic, Olomoucky, Olomouk, 2022-07-17
Event type: Scenario Game
Polygon: ANGRY FOXES Burrow
Number of players: ~10
Expected index X 2
Ticket payment type Cash Payment
Start date: 17.07.22
Start time: 7:30:00
End date: 17.07.22
End time: 15:00:00
Parties and contributions :


  • RED
    15 min.
    2 EUR.
  • FEDS

  • BLUE
    15 min.
    2 EUR.

Event rules description

MEXICO: The place where the biggest drug lord Ricardo Ramirez is located. He is the king of influence in both the political sphere and the economy. Ricardo managed to find a buyer for his luxury drugs in Brazil. This whole situation is being watched by the feds from the anti-narcotics department, who want to catch Ricardo and convict him. After arranging a meeting with the dealer, Ricardo takes a personal helicopter and leaves with the first batch of drugs from Brazil.Unfortunately, the helicopter had a technical fault and crashed. The only survivor of the accident is Ricardo. He immediately calls his mercenaries to rush to his aid and get him to safety. In this, the feds see an opportunity to arrest the boss, and at the same time to seize the drugs.