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27 December 2020
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Total number of players 11
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CQB FED arena

Event type: CQB, Organizer: LexxSer

Ukraine, Kharkov region, Kharkiv, 2020-12-27

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Event info

Organizer: LexxSer
Location: Ukraine, Kharkov region, Kharkiv, 2020-12-27
Event type: CQB
Polygon: ФЭД
Number of players: 11
Expected index X 1
Ticket payment type Cash Payment
Start date: 27.12.20
Start time: 11:00:00
End date: 27.12.20
End time: 18:00:00
Parties and contributions :

    team 1

  • TEAM 1
    0 min.
    150 UAH.
  • TEAM 2

  • TEAM 2
    0 min.
    150 UAH.

Event rules description

CQB at FED arena

To visit the landfill, you need a full name for the list at the entrance of the FED plant, you can submit it in telegrams at the link

you can sign up directly at the checkpoint of the factory before the game !!!

have any ID with a photo for the checkpoint or a photo of it on your phone with you.