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10 October 2020
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Total number of players 9
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37 Blockpost

Event type: Event with role-playing elements, Organizer: Гонта

Ukraine, Kiev region, Kiev, 2020-10-10

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Organizer: Гонта
Location: Ukraine, Kiev region, Kiev, 2020-10-10
Event type: Event with role-playing elements
Polygon: База торпедных катеров
Number of players: 9
Expected index X 1
Ticket payment type Cash Payment
Start date: 10.10.20
Start time: 11:00:00
End date: 11.10.20
End time: 11:00:00
Parties and contributions :

    United Forces

    1 min.
    100 UAH.
  • Uncompromising

    1 min.
    100 UAH.
  • Peaceful

  • peaceful
    1 min.
    100 UAH.

Event rules description

37 Checkpoint
202nd year. One high-altitude Arab country. A garrison of the United Forces is waiting at the Blockpost, forgotten by God and people, waiting for the rotation. Their main task is to ensure peace and order in the region. They are opposed by detachments of the Uncompromising. Between these camps is a small peaceful village, whose forces can help tip the scales in favor of one side or the other.
There is tension in the air. Something has to happen tonight …… ..