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14 November 2020
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Event type: Storm / Defense, Organizer: Sanitar

Ukraine, Sumy region, Sumy, 2020-11-14

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Event info

Organizer: Sanitar
Location: Ukraine, Sumy region, Sumy, 2020-11-14
Event type: Storm / Defense
Polygon: Урожай
Number of players: 13
Expected index X 1
Ticket payment type Cash Payment
Start date: 14.11.20
Start time: 8:00:00
End date: 14.11.20
End time: 21:00:00
Parties and contributions :


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Event rules description

Airsoft game based on the confrontation between BLUFOR and OPFOR.

Contribution: in the process of calculation (around 100 UAH) at the landfill. Without registration on the site - fee x2 (respect the organizers)

Directions to the landfill (from the city center, but you can understand) :

Photojournalists - it doesn't matter, play or just - for free !!!

Background: OPFOR maintains control over the city, influencing the local population and decided that the city would be their stronghold. Most of OPFOR's material resources are stored in the city. BLUFOR wanting to regain control over the city sends his squad (taskforce) to regain control over the city and deprive OPFOR of resources.

After registration, you can contact Telegram: @ dmti1981 - I will add you to the chat of the party.

Sides of the game (requirements for the entourage):

BLUFOR : teams modeling or having a "kit by impression" of any armed countries. SIBZ is required: helmet + body armor (weight does not matter). Without SIBZ, only snipers can play for the BLUFOR side. BLUFOR fighters should look like military ones, just a helmet + body armor does not equal a pass for the BLUFOR side. Basically the Armed Forces of NATO countries. The distinctive side is the blue band on the sleeve.

OPFOR : teams or players with any weapons and equipment, PMCs, preferably a distinctive side - a civilian or plain top. The difference is the yellow armband on the sleeve (when OPFOR is in "combat" status). This is resistance that sometimes requires a win back.

Photojournalists : we will be glad to see you on either side.

Game schedule:

8-00 ... 9-00 arrival at the landfill

9-30 - general construction according to the rules of the game

10-00 ... 16-00 - day (light) phase of the game

16-00 ... 17-30 - preparation for the night (dark) phase of the game (possibly missions at OPFOR)

17-30 ... 21-00 - night (dark) phase of the game

The schedule can be adjusted, but the start and end of the game are unchanged.

Alcohol is prohibited in the game, all players who drank alcohol during the game or before it will be banned, profiles for blacklists will be transferred.

Ammunition : only mechanics (mechanical magazines), bunkers are allowed only for snipers and bullets.

Charging ammunition: only on the basis of, or ghouls about zinc supply (only available BLUFOR).

To participate in the night phase of the game, you must have:

night dead flashlight

illumination of the shot or tracers, the illumination of the shot must be visible throughout the entire firing range of the drive (we allow illumination with a gun flashlight for this game, by simultaneously turning it on during firing)

pistols do not require illumination

lantern - without the use of a lantern, entry into buildings is prohibited for security reasons

Additions to the Rules regarding the sides of the game:

Common to all parties:

There is no captivity.

A hit to the drive is not a hit and does not count.

Killing with a knife - one in 1 minute, you cannot kill 5 people at once in 1 second. That is, only a gape fighter.

BLUFOR : they have 1 wound - if they hit any part of the body with a ball, they are considered wounded - they shout Wounded, they can crawl away, crawl on all fours (just don't go), they cannot shoot, they can be finished off, they can be saved by any player of their team within 5 minutes, applying a tourniquet or bandage to any limb. Rescue means - BLUFOR problem. The organizers are not issued. If repeatedly wounded, KILL. The wound can be removed by visiting BLUFOR headquarters or a ghoul.

BLUFOR can't just shoot a "peaceful" one with OPFOR. They can only shoot when it really poses a threat. Role-playing element and please do not abuse the players.

OPFOR : never dead, OPFOR fighters are either "peaceful" or "combat". Differences:

combat OPFOR - wears yellow armbands on his sleeves (to be issued by the organizers), an ordinary fighter - when killed, carries a drive to his ghoul (base), removes yellow armbands and becomes "peaceful" OPFOR for at least 30 minutes

peaceful OPFOR: - does not wear yellow bandages, can only use pyrotechnics or a knife, does not carry a drive with him. It is advisable to remove the helmet and body armor for clear identification of the peaceful, in order to avoid conflict situations. Can engage in sabotage and other issued missions. I must try to comply with the orders of BLUFOR fighters with weapons pointed at them and those who are closer than 5 m. If killed in the status of a peaceful OPFOR - again at least 30 minutes, etc.

combat OPFOR can become peaceful OPFOR at will at any time, the main thing is there is no weapon (drive, pistol, rifle) and there are no yellow bands on the hands.

peaceful OPFOR can carry weapons or OPFOR valuables in a construction package marked with yellow tape, the package is conventionally invisible to BLUFOR fighters and they cannot stop such peaceful OPFOR as they can pursue. Peaceful OPFOR carrying values cannot attack BLUFOR - this is an element of role-playing - please do not abuse it.

BLUFOR has 1-2 EOD specialists - who can destroy without opening the packages (they are taken to the OPFOR base / ghoul) by sticking red tape over the yellow one on the package.