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23 August 2020
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Event type: Competition, Organizer: bOd

Ukraine, Kiev region, Kiev, 2020-08-23

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Event info

Organizer: bOd
Location: Ukraine, Kiev region, Kiev, 2020-08-23
Event type: Competition
Polygon: Космос
Number of players: 0
Expected index X 1
Ticket payment type Cash Payment
Start date: 23.08.20
Start time: 9:00:00
End date: 23.08.20
End time: 17:00:00
Parties and contributions :

    The first group "Yellow"

  • The first group "Yellow"
    20 min.
    150 UAH.
  • the second group is "blue"

  • the second group is "blue"
    20 min.
    150 UAH.
  • third group "green"

  • third group "green"
    20 min.
    150 UAH.

Event rules description


3 main sides (groups of up to 12 players) + organizers side. All against all. Revitalization of the accumulation of the minimum (25-30% of the group).

The game uses the electronics of the "beam" system issued by the organizers. The groups oppose each other and seek to be the first to complete the quest.

The game is a raid-search plan, well suited for smoothing out intra-team actions.

Polygon "Cosmos" with buildings and greenery 11 hectares, the entire ground floor is involved.

The fee includes organization, printing, electronics, a paid fenced-in landfill with parking.