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9 August 2020
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Total number of players 15
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Raid Intelligence (Test Game)

Event type: Confrontation, Organizer: StrikeShop_ZT

Ukraine, Zhytomyr Oblast, Zhytomyr, 2020-08-09

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Event info

Organizer: StrikeShop_ZT
Location: Ukraine, Zhytomyr Oblast, Zhytomyr, 2020-08-09
Event type: Confrontation
Polygon: СиськЕ-Н
Number of players: 15
Expected index X 1
Ticket payment type Cash Payment
Start date: 09.08.20
Start time: 10:45:00
End date: 09.08.20
End time: 20:00:00
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Event rules description

Training game, before the Summer Zhytomyr raid .

Short description:

Daytime raid operation, with a confrontation between two groups.

Main sides:

- raid group "red";

- the "blue" counteraction group;

Game scenario:

The task of the red group:

Walk 6 points along the indicated route and pick up the lost cargo.

Task of the blue group:

Prevent the red group from completing the task.

Game rules -

The rules according to which the game is played:

- Pyrotechnics are allowed after being inspected by the organizer. Allowed to use no more than 3 grenades per life;

-The game is allowed no more than eight mechans (before charging only on a ghoul),

snipers - no more than 4,

secondary housing - 2 shops,

machine guns - 800 per tambourine;

-Mandatory to have a red rag, ghoul;

-It is recommended to have radio communication, for your convenience;

-Blue group, has no right to withdraw the picked up cargo of the red group;

- Respawn every 30 min. Carried out at the last passed checkpoint.

Basic rules and conditions for participation.

1. Carefully read and understand the rules set by the organizers.

2. Choose a playing side.

The game is supported by the "Strikeshop ZT" store