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18 September 2020
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Total number of players 770
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Event type: Confrontation, Organizer: Icelop

Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk region, Novomoskovsk, 2020-09-18

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Event info

Organizer: Icelop
Location: Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk region, Novomoskovsk, 2020-09-18
Event type: Confrontation
Polygon: Новотроицкое ДЛО "Орлёнок".
Number of players: 770
Expected index X 14
Ticket payment type Cash Payment
Start date: 18.09.20
Start time: 19:00:00
End date: 20.09.20
End time: 12:00:00
Parties and contributions :


  • Army
    60 min.
    500 UAH.
  • Marine Corps
    60 min.
    500 UAH.
  • Fleet
    60 min.
    500 UAH.
  • NATO allies
    60 min.
    500 UAH.
  • Headquarters group
    60 min.
    500 UAH.
  • IGIL

  • Allah's warriors
    60 min.
    500 UAH.
  • ISIS - Heavy Armor
    60 min.
    500 UAH.
  • ISIS - Medics
    60 min.
    499 UAH.
  • Government troops + PMCs

  • Government troops
    60 min.
    500 UAH.
  • Mercenaries - PMCs
    60 min.
    500 UAH.
  • Photojournalists

  • Photojournalists
    0 min.
    0 UAH.
  • The shops

  • Shops, workshop, chipok
    0 min.
    0 UAH.
  • Igromaster - Co-organizers

    0 min.
    0 UAH.

Event rules description

Closing of the season 2020. "Syria - Homs assault" 3.
Three organizers, three organizing teams from different regions of Ukraine present you a joint project “Syria - Homs assault” 2, unique in its significance.
The event is scheduled for September 18-20 and includes two nights and a day and a half.
The game will start at 19.00 on Friday 18 and finish at 12.00 on 20 September on Sunday.
This project brought together organizers of different directions, whose experience will allow combining in one game with the highest quality both role-playing and raid-search activities, questing and economics and a good drive of battles in the city and greenery.
And so the organizers and their teams-
Technology (Gt)
I think there is no need to introduce these organizers, you all know them.
Each organizer will be responsible for one of the game parties.
The game will take place on a training ground which has established itself as an interesting and versatile one that satisfies all the desires of the players. It is located near the city of Novomoskovsk, Dnepropetrovsk region. The village of Novotroitskoye, LO "Orlyonok". On the territory of the camp there are two-storey buildings with attics and basements, as well as many other various buildings perfectly preserved with doors and glass.
The camp is bordered by a forest, which will also be involved in the game.
Travel to the landfill is comfortable without primers.
And by the number and quality of completed missions, we will evaluate the game.
And of course, who will control the city at the end of the game.

The retention of the city of Homs (which was openly called "Syrian Misurata", "Syrian Benghazi", "citadel of resistance") leaders of the anti-government opposition attached great political importance.

There is an opinion that Homs was supposed to become a stronghold of the opposition during the "general offensive" against Damascus.

The city of Homs is also a major industrial center and transport hub, there is an oil refinery and several oil storage facilities, pipelines from oil fields in eastern Syria to the ports of Tartus and Baniyas and the largest cities of the country - Damascus, Aleppo and Latakia province - run through Homs. Control over Homs made it possible to complicate the situation in the fuel and energy complex and the economy of Syria.

The location 30 km from the border with Lebanon and the presence of the highway made it possible to establish the supply of a large group of militants, as well as to begin an operation to block the strategic Damascus-Aleppo highway connecting the southern and northern regions of Syria
All these factors have attracted close attention of the warring parties.

During last year's battles for the city, the General Directorate of the rebels did not attach importance to the importance of hostilities, switching to the commercial component of providing troops.
The rebel commander abandoned his people and deserted from the city. Part of the rebels left without command left the battlefield. And only small detachments fought to the end.
ISIS fought with courage and dedication, which earned the respect of Muslims around the world, and its ranks were replenished.
ISIS's ambitions increased and they started organizing more and more training camps. To increase the combat readiness of their units.
And of course, the capture and control of the city of Homs became a matter of honor for them. And if we take into account the economic component (the potential of the city), then this has become a vital aspect for them.
Government troops led by Assad with the support of mercenaries of PMCs from different countries, also considers Homs a priority goal. For him, this city is a symbol of the revolution that he wants to tame as soon as possible. Moreover, he needs to pay the mercenaries. And Homs is a tidbit in terms of cash flow.
The NATO contingent in the course of last year's battles made progress in finding evidence of the use of weapons of mass destruction, and control over the city. But at the same time they suffered heavy losses in manpower.
Therefore, the command gave clear instructions to the NATO troops not to enter the battle for the city.
Use troops only to complete missions and assigned tasks. Capturing city buildings at your own discretion, only for the successful implementation of tasks. But at the same time, do not forget to promote democracy, if possible, to prevent the expansion of the influence of ISIS.

And so about the game.
Three opposing sides.

1 - ISIS Islamists Organizer Technology Zht
The task is to fight for the creation of the Islamic State and the annexation of the city to it.
They organize secret training camps to train their fighters.

2 - Assad's government troops and PMC mercenaries. Organizer Ulan.
Objective - Capture the city, return it under the control of the government. PMC helps government troops. Hide the use of chemical weapons, dirty bombs, etc.
To extract oil and guard oil rigs and oil pipeline.

3 - NATO - NATO contingent. Organizer Icelop.
Task - Find evidence of the use of chemical weapons, weapons of mass destruction.
Prevent the spread of ISIS.
Search and destroy opium fields, ISIS training camps, search and destroy drug laboratories.
On a common signal, ISIS, Assad and PMCs enter from both sides.
NATO can also enter the city, but acts at its own discretion, fulfilling the assigned task.
The struggle for the city begins.
The game goes on non-stop.
Missions are issued upon agreement of the organizers.
According to the result of the fulfillment of a specific mission, there is a Pass / Not pass to the side.
The dress code of the parties is determined and controlled by the organizer of the party.
For NATO, it is mandatory to have a helmet-helmet.
Correspondence in form to equipment and weapons of the modeled unit.
By identification of the parties. This problem falls entirely on the shoulders of the parties themselves.
Think about how to distinguish your own from others, and take action.