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22 December 2019
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Total number of players 12
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Event type: Weekend Event , Organizer: Prapor

Ukraine, Poltava region, Poltava, 2019-12-22

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Event info

Organizer: Prapor
Location: Ukraine, Poltava region, Poltava, 2019-12-22
Event type: Weekend Event
Polygon: "Демитекс"
Number of players: 12
Expected index X 1
Ticket payment type Cash Payment
Start date: 22.12.19
Start time: 9:30:00
End date: 22.12.19
End time: 15:00:00
Parties and contributions :


    10 min.
    50 UAH.

Event rules description

Background: On New Year's Eve, Santa lost almost all of his bodyguards in an unequal battle with the predator. The latter was given a decree, urgently, to get to the underground training base "PTK" to select new candidates for protection.

YYYYY: where did the thought come from)))

Game mechanics: all players will be divided into the same number, non-coms can unite themselves or add to teams, everything depends on the number of people (3 or 4 players in a group, or even 5)))). The movement itself will be held in a competitive format:
- duels between groups,
- knife fight groups,
- throwing a "training" grenade at specified targets
- shooting in the blind + lead player hint
- transfer of the wounded
- pistol
- run with an antipersonnel mine
(These are preliminary contests, they are subject to change)
Dress code: costumes of different animals, heroes, and ... .. - WELCOME !!!!
Ammunition: only mechanical stores,
Charge: 1d1 (negotiable)
(If you do not have mechanical stores, we can help with this
Tyuns: according to the rules of the site (all will pass the chronograph)
Group victory: to decide in total for all types of competitions,
Scoring: (Negotiated)
Pyrotechnics: you can, but it all depends on the conditions of the competition
Treats: we take everything with us (teas, strong tea and .....). Who wants something hot - take with you barbecues, firewood and .....

Fee: 50 UAH. (site rental)