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26 October 2019
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Total number of players 91
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Hot spot. Closing the season. Cherkasy

Event type: Confrontation, Organizer: Ulan

Ukraine, Cherkasy region, Abazovka, 2019-10-26

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Event info

Organizer: Ulan
Location: Ukraine, Cherkasy region, Abazovka, 2019-10-26
Event type: Confrontation
Number of players: 91
Expected index X 10.5
Ticket payment type Cash Payment
Start date: 26.10.19
Start time: 16:00:00
End date: 27.10.19
End time: 16:00:00
Parties and contributions :


  • NATO
    30 min.
    200 UAH.
  • Eastern bloc

    30 min.
    200 UAH.
  • Fotokor

    0 min.
    0 UAH.

Event rules description

Good afternoon, dear airsoft players.
26.10.-27.10.2019 the "Scorpions" team invites you to the closing of the season.
Location Cherkasy region, Chigirinsky district, Orbit landfill.
The game is played according to the Militarist rules (with additions) with obligatory chronographing.
The scenario for the game is as follows.

The future, the island of Cuba is under the control of the Northern bloc, the command of the Northern ones is placing on the island the latest air defense system (both stationary and mobile). According to intelligence, the North have placed medium-range missiles on the island and are going to use them in the near future.

Tasks of the parties:
1. Lands on the coast, destroy the first line of defense.
2. Capture and destroy strategic objects.
3. Detect and destroy the air defense system.
4. Locate and destroy rocket launchers. 5. Form raid groups to search for black boxes from downed aircraft.

Northern block: 1. Establish strong points at all hazardous locations.
2. Organize the protection of strategic facilities.
3. Destroy NATO aircraft.
4. Collecting black boxes from downed aircraft.

Additionally, there will be tasks in envelopes.

For conditions of injury and medicine, see supplements.

For NATO 10.20, 10.40, 12.00, for PMCs 10.10, 10.30, 10.50.
Division by sides solely by form:

NATO: Woodland, Multicam, AKU, DPM, MTP, Atax, Vlektarn.
Northern block: Uniforms of Ukraine, Russia, USSR and a mix of military and civilian clothes.
BC: One bunker or an unlimited number of mechanics. Refueling only at respawns or bases. Charging in the field is prohibited.

Timing for the game:
10/26/2019 arrival at the training ground.
26.10.2019 from 14.00-16.00 registration and chronographing.
26.10.2019 at 16.00 formation, at 17.00 the start of the game.
10/27/2019 at 2.00 the end of the first game episode.

10/27/2019 at 9.00 the start of the second part of the game.
10/27/2019 at 15.00 the end of the game.
10/27/2019 at 15.30 build.
Those who cannot come from Saturday can take part on Sunday, registration for such players will be from 8.00 to 9.00

Registration on the site https: // Id ...

With an advance payment to the PB card 5168 7427 0906 6942 V. Ulanenko, the cost of the game is 200 rn.

Payment at the landfill 250 UAH.

Ulan (Vladimir) 0633385224
Airsoft grenades and Rockets balls can be purchased at the game.

For rent, please contact 0673235136 Vladimir.