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30 June 2019
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Total number of players 43
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Event type: Weekend Event , Organizer: nands444

Ukraine, Cherkasy region, Cherkasy, 2019-06-30

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Event info

Organizer: nands444
Location: Ukraine, Cherkasy region, Cherkasy, 2019-06-30
Event type: Weekend Event
Polygon: Дахновка ЛЕП
Number of players: 43
Expected index X 1
Ticket payment type Cash Payment
Start date: 30.06.19
Start time: 9:00:00
End date: 30.06.19
End time: 14:00:00
Parties and contributions :


  • ARMY
    5 min.
    50 UAH.
  • DRG 1

  • DRG 1
    10 min.
    50 UAH.
  • DRG 2

  • DRG 2
    10 min.
    50 UAH.

Event rules description

a training and game event on the actions of DRGs in hostile territory, as well as working out measures for the detection and destruction of DRGs.

Two game sides:
1) DRG - two independent (hostile to each other) groups of 3-5 people.
2) Army - everyone else.

Nands444 0637887763
Power transmission line, a section of forest 1000 by 400 m, which is clearly bounded on three sides by quarter roads. It is not forbidden to go beyond the boundaries of the game location, but there is very little sense in this and it is not recommended to do this.
The cards will be issued before the game.

Game fee: 50 UAH

Time spending:
Departure from m. Lisovaya 8.00
Playing time 9.00-14.00

Game mechanics:
There are 10 points on the game location, which are located on the hills and are located near the roads. They are marked with red and white keeper tape. A4 sheets with a point number are fixed on the trees near these tapes.

At 9.00, having received a radio station (NEDRA-P) and instructions for its use, as well as an army wooden box, they leave for the location. It is recommended to take a backpack to carry the radio. The first task is to find a place for a cache where a wooden box will be left (you cannot bury it). You can replenish ammunition only at this box, and therefore the DRG itself plans how many stores to take with it, when to come to replenish the ammunition and, most importantly, where to hide it.
The main task is to get in touch with the headquarters every 30 minutes at points marked with a keeper. The time tolerance is 5 minutes, i.e. you can conduct a communication session from the 25th to the 35th minute and from the 55th to the 5th. In fact, one of the organizers will get in touch and if the time is not suitable, the result will not be counted. In order to successfully get in touch, it is necessary to bring the radio station to the working position, namely to pull the antenna "inclined beam". After contacting, take a photo (a radio station with an antenna and a member of the command) and quickly leave the place of broadcasting.
Point numbers can be traversed in random order, but not repeatedly. The more points are passed, the more efficiently the DRG will work in the final standings.

The main task is to prevent DRGs from moving freely in the controlled territory. Priority number one is the detection and destruction of DRGs. Another task is to detect the DRG cache (there will be 2 of them in total, one per DRG). If found, the box must be delivered to your ghoul.
Guarding all game points (10 pieces) is extremely problematic and can be boring. Therefore, it is very important to promptly respond to the detection of the enemy and take effective actions to encircle and destroy him. It is recommended to place rapid response teams at the location, which can quickly move into the square where the enemy was detected (or tracked). In addition, it is logical to expose secrets for surveillance, which will track down the DRG. The ARMY has at its disposal radio-technical means for direction finding the place of contact of the DRG groups, which will make it possible to determine the square where the enemy group was.
In general, the effectiveness of the actions of the ARMY will greatly depend on the communication between its units and the speed of response.

The ARMY comes to life on its only ghoul in the center of the game location. Revitalization - personal 5 minutes to replenish ammunition and drink some water.
The DRG has no ghoul. The dead person follows the group at a distance of no more than 50m and comes to life 10 minutes after the end of the fire contact, i.e. if the DRG got involved in the battle, then no one will come to life during the battle. If the DRG fighters retreat, then the "dead" can run after the living in order to break away from the pursuit of the ARMY. If the entire DRG is destroyed, the senior DRG will notify the ARMY players about it. After which the DRG can safely leave. ARMY players are not allowed to chase a dead DRG group.
Ammunition replenishment:
DRG at the stash (the box must be open)
ARMY on a ghoul (both dead and alive)


All players are advised to have water, compass and communications.

Everyone is welcome.

Registration in the format: team, number, desired side.
Who can not write on the forum - call and register by phone, so that it would be clear the number of players.

The distribution for the playing sides will be done on Saturday or on the line based on the final number of players.