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13 October 2018
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Total number of players 21
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Kharkiv closing 2018.

Event type: Positional, Organizer: Доктор Быков

Ukraine, Kharkov region, Kochetok, 2018-10-13

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Event info

Location: Ukraine, Kharkov region, Kochetok, 2018-10-13
Event type: Positional
Polygon: Заброшенный ДОЛ "Орленок"
Number of players: 21
Expected index X 9
Ticket payment type Cash Payment
Start date: 13.10.18
Start time: 14:00:00
End date: 14.10.18
End time: 12:00:00
Parties and contributions :


  • National Guard
    15 min.
    100 UAH.

  • Mountain arrows
    15 min.
    100 UAH.

Event rules description

As a result of the coup and the ensuing civil war, country X split into two independent republics, with a bordering area between them, which did not join any of the new formations and declared its independence.
One of the republics - Flanders, designated its pro-Western vector and concluded a pact with the NATO alliance.
Moravia, in turn, refused to openly cooperate with anyone, while in its foreign policy it chose to completely oppose itself to Flanders. After the collapse, important strategic enterprises remained on the territory of Flanders, on which, among other things, industry and Moravia depended.
An abandoned military base is located on the territory of the independent region.
According to NATO intelligence, last night, Moravian special forces invaded and captured a military base of the neutral side. Moreover, tactical missile systems are concentrated around the base, the exact number of which is unknown.
There are very reasonable assumptions to believe that Moravia, being in neutral territory, has an intention to launch tactical missiles on the territory of Flanders to destroy the infrastructure of the republic.
According to available information, the enemy intends to use experimental samples of previously unknown missile systems, codenamed "Nightmare".
The alliance forms a consolidated squad to resist the provocation.
Tasks of the NATO side:
1. Get into the area where the base is located.
2. Take the base by storm, establish the presence of missile systems and the coordinates of their location.
3. Prevent the enemy from launching missiles.
4. Capture a workable rocket sample.
Additional tasks:
1. To prove the involvement of Moravia in the invasion of neutral territories.
2. Capture prototypes of equipment and materials.
3. Obtain evidence of interference or involvement of other countries in the incident.