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7 October 2018
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The collapse of the empire. Button battle

Event type: Weekend Event , Organizer: Электрик

Ukraine, Odessa region, Odessa, 2018-10-07

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Organizer: Электрик
Location: Ukraine, Odessa region, Odessa, 2018-10-07
Event type: Weekend Event
Polygon: Новая Ковалевка "Коса".
Number of players: 0
Expected index X 1
Ticket payment type Cash Payment
Start date: 07.10.18
Start time: 10:45:00
End date: 07.10.18
End time: 16:30:00
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  • Yellow
    10 min.
    100 UAH.
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  • Red
    10 min.
    100 UAH.

Event rules description

Many of us, if not caught, then know from the history of the collapse of the USSR. It was this event that prompted the creation of the script for this game. During the game, it is planned to capture and hold several ZKP (disguised command posts), decipher "classified" documents, search for components and assemble devices ... And all this in order to take possession of the powerful button for controlling the nuclear potential of the once great and terrible country