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2 September 2018
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Total number of players 5
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Other: Stalker on stage

Event type: Role-playing event, Organizer: Rupor

Ukraine, Kirovograd region, Kirovograd, 2018-09-02

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Event info

Organizer: Rupor
Location: Ukraine, Kirovograd region, Kirovograd, 2018-09-02
Event type: Role-playing event
Polygon: Ласка
Number of players: 5
Expected index X 9.5
Ticket payment type Cash Payment
Start date: 02.09.18
Start time: 10:00:00
End date: 02.09.18
End time: 16:00:00
Parties and contributions :

    Union of the blue

  • Any
    15 min.
    50 UAH.
  • union of red

  • Any
    15 min.
    50 UAH.

Event rules description

"Other" season 2.

4th game - "Stalker on stage".

September 2, 2018 Polygon: Weasel. Kropyvnytskyi.

Time: 10:00 briefing and start; 16:00 finish.


A strange object is being observed in Kirovograd. An unknown character in black outfit staged a hunt in an abandoned territory in an industrial zone. The object has come to the attention of various powerful organizations around the world.

Thanks to the video, which was leaked by one of the airsoft players to the network, the name “Other” was stuck to the object.

The war zone has been infected with a strange virus. All fighters who are fatally wounded are resurrected after death. But only at the moment of rapid regeneration of body tissues, the brain of a fighter is close to a plant. He only has the instinct of a thoughtless return to the place of his last deployment. There he wakes up for about 15 minutes and returns to battle (thanks to this system, players have every right to remember everything that happened to them before "death"). The state in which the "dead" fighter trudges home is called a zombie.

As a result of several military operations, something became known about the Other:

- it is not possible to destroy the Other (at least it is not yet known how);

- Someone himself does not know who he is and where he came from. He only knows that he is a learned intelligence officer. There is very little useful information in his memory. His personal computer receives tasks from the management and coordinates of the caches where he can get the necessary devices and resources;

- Someone extracts some minerals about which, according to him, we do not suspect and do not mine. The working name of this mineral is CODE. To conduct a large-scale experiment, scientists need a large number of these samples.

It has been observed that the Other has a split personality. Moreover, the physical state changes depending on which personality dominates at the moment. This phenomenon is usually called modes.

Other modes:

Red mode of "Liquidator". This person does not negotiate and is engaged in the destruction of everything that moves with a machine gun in his hands. You can only hit with a grenade. But in a minute he will get up again. The best way out is to escape.

Green Mode "Scientist Scout". In the hands of a pistol / shield - can be hit with a grenade or hit into open areas of the body (helmet and shield protect 100%, raincoat - at the discretion of the Other, legs and hands - wound immediately).

There is a minute in the wounded state, at which time you can peel off (yourself

gives a drop) or try to chat. After a minute it rises in red mode.

It is not recommended to try to find the pain threshold of the Other, he can remember

the experimenter and take revenge in the future.

After the last conflict, more aggressive behavior of the scientist Other was noticed. He stopped making contact and went on allied operations. It remains to be seen what caused this. Now it will be possible to talk to the Other only in three cases:

- within a minute after his injury.

- having cajoled him, handing over the artifact "chip" at the moment when the Other was wounded. In gratitude, he will be ready for negotiations within 10 minutes, and possibly lead to the cache with artifacts.

- if you have a drill. Without a drill, the Other cannot extract the KOD mineral, so he is forced to cooperate with the one who owns this device. Cooperation lasts about 10 minutes after which he will leave the fighters if the drilling business does not move.

More news. There are rumors that a group of so-called Stalkers is operating in the conflict zone. This would not surprise anyone, people of this kind of activity here have something to do and profit from. But rumors suggest that the Other is working with this group on an ongoing basis. Some loners have received invitations to take an aptitude test in order to join the ranks of the mysterious group. The Nicotes Corporation also sent several volunteers to the test. So far, none of them have reported a successful test. It's a pity. A lot of useful information could be learned with the help of such intelligence.

Stalkers use the job channel to reset passphrases every half hour. Someone else needs these passwords. The first one who tells the Other such a phrase will be able to receive one CODE as a reward.


There are several types of tasks and rewards for them:

- once every half an hour, a passphrase is dropped into the job channel. Tell it to the Other in a conversation and get 1 code from him;

- the extraction of messages, in the place indicated by the leadership before the start of the operation, and their transfer to the Other. Reward - 2 codes;

- carrying out drilling works. Reward 3 codes for entering;

The union with the highest number of codes will win, if there is a catalyst. A place where you can get one of the two catalysts, each alliance will receive an hour after the start of the operation. There is also an option to squeeze the catalyst from the Other, but there is also a suspicion that it will be more difficult to get it.

Additional tasks:

- to take possession of any artifacts related to the Other;

- hinder competitors as much as possible;

- from time to time various quests and coordinates can come to the telegram task channel, which are not directly related to the main task;

- Quer will issue assignments, either in person or remotely directly to the generals of the parties;

- there will be a separate storyline for those who wish.

Achievements of factions and individual role-playing characters are preserved. Role-playing characters (registered separately) will be able to take some gadgets with them, as well as leave their mark on the artistic part of the project.

Owners of artifacts "flask" and the like will be able to make money on them by renting them out.


On the spot, only a drill and items with a red bandage are dropped (hung on the nearest branch at head level).

You can loot zombies by asking him - "Is there art?" The zombie must give away large art, and leave small ones (chips, codes, coins).

Nothing can be removed from the Other's equipment, even when he is wounded. All that is possible

remove, he will give it himself. Melee weapons have no effect on him at all.

There is a chance to additionally get art by dropping it from the Other, by shooting it in green mode.

Drill - charged in the laboratory for 5 minutes. If after charging there is no

the one who brought the drill, he will be given to the first who comes. Boer just

exhibited outside the laboratory. After charging, the drill needs to be shown to an Other who will help further work with it. First, you need to accompany the Other for additional activation (he will tell you where), then to the center of the location for drilling. Others help with fire, but only 10 minutes each way.

After carrying out the drilling operation, the Other issues three codes and after a minute

goes into red mode. After receiving the code, run.

Remember that the Other is not a robot. This is a mind that can remember who and how with

faced him. Excessive aggression and meanness can make it harder for you

further communication with him.

A bar with a laboratory is a conditionally green area. This is the place to chat

even with the enemy in relative safety. Why relative? In

first, an Other may burst there, and secondly, although scientists prohibit military

actions in a bar, physically it is possible with melee weapons. But consider, after

violation of this rule will most likely be closed to you.

The bar lab is not accessible even to the Other.


An unlimited number of factions can participate in the conflict of the parties. You can come up with (or entrust to orgs) any unit / group / gang, etc. who do you represent. All formations must be either real-life or from artistic prehistory. Examples of units: NATO, Police, SBU, FBI, Yakuza, Conscripts, any PMCs, etc. From the book: Digers (in civilian life, ala stalker), Crow's gang (goths / metalists / punks), Sokolovsky / Nikolaevsky (gopota / bros). You can participate without registering a group.

In order to represent your group at the game, a team must be composed of at least 3 people.

There can be as many groupings as you like, but during the game the organizers will divide everyone into two alliances.

Extra-commanders will be assigned to either side of the balance sheet.

Grouping requirements:

- at least 3 people (preferably in the same uniform, for a bonus);

- notify the organisation in advance whom you represent, or entrust it to the organisation;

- at least one person is a signalman (access to telegrams, not necessarily an application, it is possible via the web).

The game is played according to the rules of the Militarist Each player must familiarize himself with the rules in advance. At the briefing, you will only be told the additions to these rules, and will not re-read the entire text.

Defeat players:

- hit in the head (without SIBZ) - game death;

- hitting any limb - injury. The wounded man sits on the floor and calls for help. He cannot bandage himself. If the wounded man is not bandaged within a minute, he will bleed out.

- SIBZ (helmet + bulletproof vest with imitation of plates) - an additional stage of protection before ordinary defeats. The first hit is a minute concussion. The fighter lies silently and without moving. After a minute, he gets up and the next hit for this life (or before visiting the ghoul) is already counted as a wound. Finishing off a wounded or shell-shocked recumbent occurs only with a knife (you can shoot at a sitting person). If the lying person continues to fire, you can shout your status so that they do not shoot.

A wounded soldier can be saved within a minute after the defeat by wrapping the entire bandage around his limb. The bandage is removed only upon a second hit (game death), or after visiting the laboratory / ghoul, after which the fighter is healthy.

Players noticed in violation of the rules can be removed from the game without refund of the contribution.


Bunkers are allowed, refueling at the landfill is allowed, pyrotechnics are allowed.


Preliminary as before. Cookies and water for free (just in case, take water too). Fried meat sandwiches - for completing quests or in-game currency. 55

Check in:

Registration of a participant for the game: in the form of an arbitrary message, in a personal message to the organizer or registration in the event on the FB. or register on this site.

Registration as a role-playing character (to get a separate role in the game): a message in the @Airsoftrend telegram of an arbitrary form (for example, "I'm going to role-play").

Registration for the quest manager (you can take the extracted artifacts home): http: // ...

Registration of a group: in the form of an arbitrary message in a personal message to the organizer in the telegram @Airsoftrend

For those who do not have their own equipment, rental is possible. To order, write to the organizer in a personal note:, preferably a week in advance.

All registered players will receive souvenirs at the final briefing. We remind you that souvenirs, on our project, are at the same time lottery tickets, according to the principle of those that we handed out last season. Let me remind you that as a result of the drawing at the New Year's game, we presented 5 tactical bracers, 6 military wallets and a tactical flashlight with all the pribludes. All received lottery souvenirs on our project are not withdrawn when participating in the lottery, but continue to play in each lottery, so do not lose them. For good wagering, it is planned to award individual souvenirs or prizes.

Participation fee: 50 UAH.

Video on past games of the project:

Quest game for the Other (a separate branch of the project):

Organizers and partners of the project:

Airsoft Trend chanel represented by Rupor and Quer.

Airsoft Hotspot Club