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3 November 2018
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Total number of players 65
Following the event79

Age of the Dead: Rotten Bastion

Event type: Role-playing event, Organizer: Warlock

Ukraine, Zaporozhye region, Zaporozhye, 2018-11-03

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Event info

Organizer: Warlock
Location: Ukraine, Zaporozhye region, Zaporozhye, 2018-11-03
Event type: Role-playing event
Number of players: 65
Expected index X 9.5
Ticket payment type Cash Payment
Start date: 03.11.18
Start time: 18:00:00
End date: 04.11.18
End time: 7:00:00
Parties and contributions :


  • National Guard
    20 min.
    140 UAH.
  • Survivors

  • Marauders
    20 min.
    140 UAH.
  • City population
    20 min.
    140 UAH.
  • Infected

  • "Dead Man"
    1 min.
    1 UAH.
  • Morphs
    1 min.
    1 UAH.

Event rules description

Role-playing game with airsoft elements.

The universe of the game is built on the work of Andrei Cruz of the book of the series (Zombie Apocalypse).

The action takes place in a gated city (Arzamas).

The city is famous for its research centers in various areas of the military industry. There is a rumor among the survivors that it is safe there and scientists have made a medicine. With hope, many are trying to get to this saving place. But upon arrival, they discover that the rumors are very exaggerated. Still, there are surviving scientists in the city who are trying to solve the problems associated with survival. Many survivors join them in order to help in solving problems.

The game features different factions.

The military - they stand as a cordon everywhere in the city watching the attempts of the zombie to leave the city, and to the best of their ability maintain order in the city. The main task is to destroy the Morphs' lair, help scientists in research, and improve the checkpoint.

Religious fanatics - accept the apocalypse as the coming of Christ. And as the scripture says, the dead will rise and go to judgment. They execute living people and invite them to their community to purify the whole world with righteous fire. The main task is to get as many minions as possible.

Survivors - Basically, ordinary people who want to live, it is desirable with maximum comfort, for this they are trying to unite and equip a safe place, along the way helping scientists.

Zombies - brains, eat, eat more, walk faster, think better, eat more.

Has a pumping system due to the eaten people. Take care of your life so as not to fatten zombies to Morph.

Morphs are a separate type of zombie that got a lot of their own kind for lunch. Due to the rich biomaterial, they were able to mutate into more adapted individuals. They can run, jump, and even communicate primitively with zombies for an organized ambush