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5 August 2017
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RAMADI: operation Household

Event type: Confrontation, Organizer: Red_Shamrock

Ukraine, Kiev region, Kiev, 2017-08-05

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Event info

Organizer: Red_Shamrock
Location: Ukraine, Kiev region, Kiev, 2017-08-05
Event type: Confrontation
Polygon: ТЭЦ 6
Number of players: 0
Expected index X 11
Ticket payment type Cash Payment
Start date: 05.08.17
Start time: 10:00:00
End date: 06.08.17
End time: 15:00:00
Parties and contributions :

    International coalition forces in Iraq

  • Coalition of consonants
    60 min.
    200 UAH.
  • Iraqi rebels

  • Insurgents
    60 min.
    200 UAH.

Event rules description

5-6.08.17 RAMADI: operation household

When: 5-6.08.17

Where: CHP 6

- Preamble
The long-suffering city of Ramadi. It is now under the control of the Iraqi rebels.
The Concord Coalition withdrew their men before the main force arrived.
And now the fate of Ramadi is again at stake. Whether the city will submit itself to discipline and armament or a revolutionary spirit.

- Fight for the city during the day.
- The city is occupied by the Insurgents, either they hold the city, or the city is occupied by the military and the insurgents set up their camp outside the city.
- If the military is driven out of the city, the military will have to create a patrol base.
- Several missions that are currently not disclosed so that players can react situationally.

Ammunition kits
- Coalition of consonants - bunkers banned.
- Coalition of Consent - recharge at Foxhall / Patrol Base.
- A coalition of consonants - it is forbidden to carry balls not in mechanics with you.
- The coalition of consonants - wears grenades only in grenade pouches.
- "Rebels" 1 bunker admitted.
- "Rebels" have the right to carry additional balls with them.
- "Rebels" have the right to limit the number of balls carried and the number of balls loaded into the mechans.

Translators will be limited to 2-3 people for the entire game.

We will increase the hit points of the villains by one hit, in total, to defeat the "villain", he must be hit 2 times:
1. An arm / leg hit in the limb is a wound (we lie down for 1-5 minutes until we die or receive treatment from an ISAF physician and immediately taken prisoner).
2. Hit Head / Torso - defeat.
3. Finish off the wounded - you can.

7. The behavior of the locals should not be like a farce, but the military should also force themselves to be respected.

Rules / additions / new additions
PLAY INJURY / LOSS! MANDATORY! No hands-ups and no wobbling around the skirmish territory!

Rules - "TM Militarist" +
Major additions:
Green LCCs are prohibited
Strobe lights prohibited
Somali shooting is prohibited
Obscene language is prohibited, except for roleplaying
Using shields leaning against the wall
To knock out the shield with physical force (with a foot, hand, etc.)
Commanders- in-chief for the sake of preserving the dynamics and control of the game will not die, but they can be shell-shocked (fall and fall and call for help, cursing everything around). In this case, they can be taken prisoner.
Illumination for night missions tracer / lantern / illumination - there must be one thing, even if there is a silencer (perhaps for the next game a drive with a silencer will not need to be highlighted).
Do not carry grenades / smokes in your pockets. To do this, you have unloading. (This does not apply to villains)
If something starts to smoke from a grenade or a grenade launcher, then it is necessary to collectively extinguish the fire to the detriment of the game situation (then we will regroup and prolong the game).
Bunker - prohibited
Mechans - unlimited
TOURNIQUE - the player can rewind himself and wait for the medic (not fight). The Medic has 5-7 minutes to provide assistance to the one who is bandaged with the turnstile. Without a tourniquet, a wounded person can wait 2-3 minutes. You can bandage comrades with a tourniquet to extend the medic's waiting time.
Defeat - after your defeat for 1-5 minutes, do not leave the place of your defeat. Wait until the end of the skirmish near you, so that you do not interfere with anyone walking with a dead man or raised hands.

Take your food with you.

-Sides / Requirements If you have any doubts, write to me in a personal here or on Facebook

International coalition forces in Iraq

"Coalition of Consent"

The main requirement is the modeling or reconstruction of the units of the " Coalition of Consent "
Full Seebs

Iraqi rebels


-Lack of bulletproof vests and unloading except for the type CHIKOM, ELIS and the British M58, hand made rigs and Russian-Georgian-Serbian-Armenian 90-00s are also suitable. Weapons with a minimum of body kits.

"Iraqi insurgents ( insurgents ) are armed groups opposing the forces of the international coalition occupying Iraq, as well as against the civil administration and government of Iraq created with the support of the United States.

An active rebel movement began after the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The insurgents are represented by a multinational composition who participate in the conflict due to ideological and financial motives, including propaganda influence. The insurgents are conducting various military and terrorist operations against the Iraqi government, occupying forces and adherents of the new regime.

In 2006, there were 15-20 thousand insurgents in Iraq, 700-2000 of them were foreigners (mostly from Algeria, Syria, Sudan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia). "Wikiperia


set limited to 10 people. (CLOSED)

PRESS - vacancies are open
* gaming press, ready to role-play and endure all the hardships of the game.

Coalition of Consent
11:00 collection at the parking lot
11:30 building in shape.

"Iraqi Insurgents"
10:00 collection at the parking lot
10:30 formation and instruction
Contribution - UAH 200 * UBD, Photojournalists and civilians are free of payment
What is the contribution for:
- Rent a garage where inventory is stored
- Polygraphy
- Bags
- Ties / Nails / Scourge / Kiperka
- Pyrotechnics
- Gasoline (at registration of docks, delivery of equipment to the landfill)

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