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10.07.2024 11:57
Planning is a go for Bellum Events!

I have 2 big games, for now, that I plan for during the year. The first one is Berget and second is Bellum. Both are Swedish games with a large amount of players but the setup is completely different.

If you don't know what Bellum is, check out this video where I go over the game and details about it.

Important to know that this year the made the game longer and added extra features so be sure to check out their website for more information.

Video, what is Bellum
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15.07.2024 13:15

Definitely need to hear about this!!!

15.07.2024 20:15

You will, I'll give you a report about the game type and how it went ;)

11.07.2024 21:5

This is Sparta!!!

11.07.2024 22:54

Ooooh yes, let's crush that Legion scum again :D