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18.06.2024 13:28
Another airsoft weekend with a little play, work and rest. This time I was present in the Stockholm area. I had planned 2 events but one got cancelled and the second one I could only be there for half the game. But I look forward to redo both games in the near future and visit some more sites and talk to more people.

Saturday changed from airsoft into a Berget planning, lake visiting day with a nice BBQ to end of the day and on Sunday I was present at AC Paintball, organised by the Roughtnecks, to present Airsofter World and of course, play some airsoft. I needed to test my rifles before Berget anyway. Good thing that I did because I need to do some work on my ICS UK1 Captain to make him ready for the game. The ICS Dagger did again an outstanding job, this little polymer beast keeps amazing me.

Next week will be filled with Berget 20 prep activities and everyone is getting more and more excited about the game. Who else is going to Berget this year?
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