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03.06.2024 20:07
Verage Airsoft website,
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The 'Coming Soon' has been annoying me or a long time. I just didn't have time and energy to update the Gear and Weapon section. Even though it was one the of the key elements that I wanted on my website. Creating a structured way of showing the gear that I use has been the reason of the many gear videos that I made and will be making in the future.

Thanks to Finnen who helped me to create the foundation so I only have to add the information, the Gear part of the was finally taking shape.

In this video I go over the way that the gear section is build and how you can navigate to the specific gear objects that are interesting for you.

My own little website just got a lot nicer and I'm happy about that!
Take a look and give me your feedback in the comments.

Enjoy the video!
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