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14.05.2024 09:24
OP Mölnlycke,
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Testing out gear before you do a big project is extremely important. What works, what doesn't work, what things I need to practice more, does it need protection, what with rain or sun, and so on.

Because I'm working on a big airsoft project I want to cover as much as possible before I set foot on the big game and start filming the project. In this video I test out the Panasonic HC X20. A camera I bought specifically to shoot airsoft projects. It's an all in one camcorder. That has some advantages but also disadvantages. With those test I want to see the limits of the rig I'm using.

I follow along with a small team trying to get to their objective. While I'm doing that I explain what is going on, where we are and what I learned while doing this test. The test doesn't stop after the recording of the video. It's also coming home and editing to see what I missed. Which shots could have made this better.

I'm not done yet with testing, so more videos like this will come up and your feedback is very important to make choices.

Enjoy the video!
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