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12.05.2024 15:43
Airsoft weekend almost over but it was a good one!

On Friday I drove down south and the first stop was by Marijo, my FOB for the weekend. We drove further inland to visit @VeloxAirsoft in Nävlinge to visit the field and talk about Airsofter World Getting back home to hit the sack to get ready for the game on Saturday at Nyvång Airsoft Alliance. I was looking forward to test out the crew and players. Especially because of the age limit they have their to participate in the game. I started the game with an open mind and the buzzer sounded the start of the game.

After a day of playing I was pleasantly surprised on how much fun I had that day. The field isn't the biggest but that made up for fast re-spawn times. I used my ICS UK1 Captain again. Taking risks and pushing up was totally worth it. I'm looking forward for a next game there! If you didn't try it yet, you should.

Ending the day with deep conversations about basically everything and enjoying a nice time of sleep to drive up north again.

A very good weekend with a lot of talking and shooting, perfect to do some chill screen work on a sunny Sunday.

Thank you to Maggan and Pero for the pictures
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