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31.03.2024 20:27
It's all about the kit,

In 2009 there was a woodland field called 'Wacedland'. A field that combined trenches, open areas, a swamp and different kinds of trees and vegetation big and small. An amazing field to play on. With the 1/9th AirsoftCav we were kicking ass as much as we could and having fun while doing that.

I have always liked a challenge and on this day I was running my full vietnam kit with PRC10 radio, with extra stuff on it, during the whole day. A kit that I loved to use because of how it made think differently on where to go and how to go. The radio was heavy so jumping in and out the trenches became a lot harder.

As a rifle I'm using the M16VN by G&P. No modification was done to it, this was still a time where most of us ran around with stock rifles and we did our thing with it. Because of the lack of good small 20 round mags, I'm using a 30round midcap and used my ammo pouches to carry 5 of them.

To complete the outfit there is a fake head attached to the radio and a LARP (rubber) axe is attached on the side for those silent melee kills.

I remember this day because of all the fun and laughs we had with the people on both sides. This pictures reminds of why I love going out and play airsoft, it's all about the fun!
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