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30.03.2024 21:01
And yet another one for the collection.

This is the ICS ICP aka the Innovation Competition Pistol. This beauty will be thoroughly tested at the upcomming Airsofter World Test game on April 14 in The Firehouse in Kluisbergen Belgium. For more info on that go to or shoot me a dm.
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30.03.2024 23:30

Ooooh, I had the change to hold it on IWA but not shoot it. Looking forward to seeing it in action!

31.03.2024 14:40

Even better, you can try it. :-) To be honest i wanted the Carnotaurus but it isn't available in the Netherlands yet so i bought the ICP. The Carnotaurus will come at a later date. :-)

31.03.2024 20:18

Hehe, I could hold it on IWA but I like the 'Legacy' the most from the new series.