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23.03.2024 18:16
Mom, it's snowing!

That was exactly how I called my mom to ask her for help. In Belgium the amount of snow we get is very limited. So when it snows and we had an event planned, it's like having Christmas twice a year.

But the white environment caused some camouflage problems because I don't have any snow camo...
So I did the next best thing. Calling my mom for white t-shirts to make my own snow camo.

The outfit is made out of 6 white tshirts. 1 t-shirt is on my head to have maximum concealment, one on my chest, well that's normal. One on each leg where I used the neckhole as a leghole and one on each arm with an armhole instead of a neckhole. Because of the way the tshirts shaped around my body, I concealed my human form as much as possible. This worked perfectly! There is a video of my running around like that but I need to search for it again.

I used my shotgun because batteries were not liking the cold that much and my trusty TM M3 shorty was perfect. That thing keeps going in all weather conditions.

A perfect example of 'it doesn't need to be expensive to be effective'. Just use a bit of your brainpower to be creative and run with it.

It was an amazing day with a lot of laughs and I kinda look forward for another snow game in the future!
I can't remember the date of this event but this must have been around 2010-2012.

Do you play a lot of snowy airsoft games?
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