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13.03.2024 19:51
Magic is all about distraction!

Barenkopf (France), a few years ago. A game organised by Viking Ops, still one of my favourite organisers of all time because of the dedication they put in their games.

I joined as a normal civilian, certainly not the head of a rebel group hiding within the civilian population. But nothing stopped the TF to search us and find nothing, absolutely nothing...

Ok, yes. Maybe I shot a few of them a few minutes before this moment, ran off, changed clothes and came stralling in, asking what happened. I had to come back because they were getting close to find our weapen cache that was hidden in the ground. Yes, I'm taking all eyes off the cache, that is hidden right underneath my feet. All our rifles were hidden in an hole with a wooden plank, covered with some dirt.

The plan worked like a charm, no rifles were found and we could proceed with what we were doing.

Those interactions make a game. Being able to sit at the campfire, after the game, and explain what happened and how close they were. That is priceless. Airsoft is more than just shooting the other dude and games like this show that. You need to use skills that you never thought you needed in airsoft, but here we are, stripped to my underwear on a hidden weapons cache and TF is not paying attention.

I know you might have seen this picture before on the 'skirmish challenge' but I wanted to share it anyway, with the full story.

Do you have stories like this, let's share them!
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14.03.2024 13:43

To be honest. This is not even the craziest I saw you do during our events !!

14.03.2024 20:21

I know that, you know that, but they don't know that, yet :D