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10.03.2024 19:15
AK Killhouse, you were amazing!

Today I finally got out of the house again to clear my head and boy o boy I had a good one. The teamplay was good, the other team played as hard as we did and there was respect for everyone and everything.

It's a site that I will be missing in the future when we're moving and I do encourage everyone to give it a go. It's a fastpaced CQB place with a lot of corners but not a lot of places to be 'safe'. You keep moving and play the objectives.

The people running the place put a lot of effort in building good games and giving the players an awesome day.

Today I ran with my ICS Airsoft Dagger and TM custom shotgun and both did an amazing job. The Dagger still feels like cheating when I take it out, I love that little beast. 11 months ago I made this video about it and what I say there is still true.

Thank you all for an amazing day!
Airsoft Kortrijk - Killhouse

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