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06.03.2024 18:54
March 2009,

Holy crap, it has been 15 years ago since these games.

Organising games has always been a passion for me. Giving the people something to do, giving them the best day possible is just relaxing. I hope I never have to stop doing it, even better, I hope I can do it even more in Sweden.

In 2009 we had the opportunity to play at an old mansion that was going to be demolished. It gave us the chance to do something for the players that we played with for years. Dutch people still had to come and play in Belgium, because it wasn't allowed in the Netherlands. To thank them for their trip to the far west point of Belgium, they could have a free meal for Lunch. There will be more pictures coming from the games we did there.

Aircav is a team that always plays for fun and friendship is very important. Together with the team we had amazing games on this small CQB field. Games like 'Braveheart' and 'The Radio Game' are still remembered and even played because of the fun level.

In this picture you can see me in my element, seeing the people having a good time and respecting the effort we, as an organiser, put in the game to give them an awesome day.

Let's keep doing just that, having fun and respecting each other!
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