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23.02.2024 12:29
You might have seen, on other social media, people sharing airsoft pictures for 10 days without explaining what the picture is. I loved seeing all the old pictures but I did miss the context behind those pictures. Some of them were from before I started playing which was very interesting.

It also made pictures just share pictures who normally keep that information to themself.

Now, I also posted 10 airsoft pictures and scrolling through them made me go back into those memories that most people never saw. So I'll be going back at it but adding some more information to the pictures. I'll try to bring you at least a picture a week and give some more details about that pictures.

Let's get into it!

Berget 13 - Sweden (2015), the event that started my passion for the international big games. After hearing this from friends that went there, I had to try it. Berget is a 66h big game with 1200-1800 players from 30+ different countries played on a 10+km² playing field. You will see more Berget pictures in the future for sure, this year will be our 8th one.

This pre 25th Mountaineers and you can see the DNA patch, witch stands for Dart, Enigma and Aircav. 3 teams that joined forces to create a small unit to go to Berget. I love this picture because this was in the middle of a mission and Lisa just brought her camera in the field. You can also see that there is no GoPro on my head. I'm using a cheap action cam that when I had the time, I took it out of my pocket to start filming.

Rifle: ICS M4 RIS
Gear: Woodland pants & shirt, nothing special or fancy. Also a sniper hood because we were doing some recon stuff. The chestrig I'm wearing is a cheaper second hand standard panel with various pouches that lasted me many Bergets.
Extra: Comms, I'm still using the same headset as I was back then, the Ztac headset. Probably with a kenwood radio.

Funny note, this was pre roaming, so I bought a Swedish Sim card for a cheap phone. (smartphones weren't that big yet) That was the way to keep in touch with HQ if something was needed. Sending text messages was the way to go. It's funny how things have changed over the years. But the basics stay the same.

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