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08.11.2023 13:13
Playing the mission, moving around and finding new angles to complete the tasks, that is what I like to do.

Video link:

Our team need to defend 3 bombsites. We first have to find the bomb sites so first task, scanning all the buildings for the Ares Alpha Boxes ( Once located, it's our job to defend and hold them.
This site (Bockaby) is a first for me and it has amazing potential to host great games.

The organiser (Bogartpojkarna) did a good job on giving us a great time with about 50 players.

I'm playing with my ICS Airsoft UK1 with Perun Airsoft + Clicker.

Enjoy this video!
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08.11.2023 23:26

Seems like a cool site!

09.11.2023 13:15
It is. From the 3 sites I played on that week, this one was my favourite. More possibilities, more open and some woodland.