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18.09.2023 20:12
Dear Player, Organiser, Shop, Enthusiast, ...

Spreading awareness for the platform is important and is going well in countries around the globe. We grew the network to 24 different countries and are setting up an Airsofter World team in each country to work together with local associations, organisers, shops and players. As I said before, our mission is to connect airsoft around the globe and that focus hasn’t changed.

We already launched update 01 and update 02. Now it’s time for the third update and this is where we need help.

We started a GoFundMe campaign to kickstart the event section and make it possible for all organisers to add their events to Airsofter World, also when they use their own ticket system. Besides this we also work on some smaller fixes and improvements, such as the types of payment, the mobile version & app, translation and behind the scenes fixes.

This GoFundMe campaign is only to fund the third update, we still have options to support the platform if that interests you.

There is more information on the GoFundMe campaign, following the link here,

Airsofter World is a community driven platform and with this update we can keep doing just that.
More information about Airsofter World & updates:
Airsofter World:
Update 01:
Update 02:
Update 03:

Thank you for your support!
Airsofter World
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