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11.09.2023 20:19
Berget 19 - Leading a 120 people Company.
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How it is to lead 120 people on a 1000+ airsoft game.
Berget is a 66h airsoft game on a 12km² field with people, vehicles and tanks.

I was Company Commander for the red (REPA) team. We had 3 Companies working together to give the people in our team the best time possible. I feel that we succeeded in doing that.

In this video I answer a few question I've got from people around me. You can jump to the questions with the timestamps below.

00:00 Intro
01:33 What is Company Command
07:32 Difference between Airsoft & Military
14:03 Planning Berget 19
19:12 How did Berget go?
32:23 Will I do it again?
34:16 Outro

This is a new style of video making that I want to try. Bringing more depth to the stories and the people behind the stories. It's something I miss when watching airsoft videos. It's not a video that you quickly watch on the toilet, but sit down and take your time for it.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this style of videos.

Enjoy the video!
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