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21.12.2022 18:29
So it begins...

Yup.  Here it is: the first “winter storm” of the season.  Looked like flurries to me, but then again, I was here for the Blizzard of ’78.  Regardless, winter just makes everything so completely different.

While tending the farm animals, I kept peering through the snowfall at the woods and thinking to myself how much more difficult airsofting would be with this precipitation.  There is ZERO chance of watching BBs slice through the air with so much white blowing around, and with this being a hearty wet snow, makes me wonder how many BBs would get thrown off course from impacting a flake. 

That got to me thinking about snowsoft and playing in the winter, and how a few of our regular players had asked about winter games last year, and maybe we should have a couple of winter games after the New Year. 

The cold would mean significantly different challenges, both for players and gear.  Cold batteries, cold buckings, and forget about that green gas pistol working.  Since our players come from all over Northern Maine, even getting here would prove problematic with snowy and icy roads.  Any exposed skin that's hit would be debilitating pain.

As much as I’d love to do some snow games, I don’t think that they would be doable, at least this early on.  Perhaps though, in the future as we continue to grow the community and player base.  What do you all think?

-- Bear
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21.12.2022 22:56

I think 1 snow game could be fun. Especially if you combine it with some hot coco. Regular snow games, I heard that most people like it, once. :D