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21.11.2022 20:49
raport+ #28
date: 13/11/2022

The long independence weekend was associated with one more performance of our team. In the trio Basior - Murzyn - Mikser, we went to Prochownia, as every month, where B.O.S organized the event "Porachunki 😏". In the course of the classic Capture The Flag mode, seemingly trivial, many unpredictable actions were born.

For us, the game started from the north side. Respawn at the end of the left flank we leave with most of the blue-marked squad. By the straightest way, we reached the vicinity of the Embankment, where we were supposed to spend most of the time defending it. The defense spread out at the foot and at the top effectively stopped both brave wing advances and "longer distance" attacks from the frontal thicket.

“We have bet a hill. Basior is situated behind a thick tree growing from the hill's wall, ready at any moment to lean out and shoot a potential target, noticed only out of the corner of his eye. Above, on his right hand, the Mikser, in a half-lying half-kneeling position, makes sure that no one runs out of the depths of the overgrown horizon without his knowledge. By the way, we have an opponent behind cover, about twenty meters from the bottom. He's trapped: both we and our allies on the lower left are just waiting for his subtle swing. At the same time, we must watch out for the sniper's fire from the distant thicket, but he rarely reveals himself…” – I report.

Later, our area of operation became crowded with the blue tapes. So we decided to retreat and move to the right flank to secure it from a potential diversion. Several other comrades preceded us in this, while the gathering of two significant forces on the flanks brought us a unique opportunity. There was a coordinated regrouping in the middle. We put emphasis on the small building where the banner was placed. The fierce clash lasted a long time, but finally ended without the goal being captured.
This stage of the game ended in a draw.

Break. Sides change. Round numer two. We left the spawn point, passing next to the gazebo. We came to the beginning of the speedsoft path running through the middle of the terrain, turning the walk into a run. Some of the allies moved aside, penetrating the bushes of the right flank. The rest, including us, jumped from barricade to barricade dangerously approaching the central heights, while conducting long-distance exchanges with the high-positioned Reds.

“One of the comrades jumped forward, I followed him, covering him with fire. My HK's trigger really turned red from hot. A fraction of a moment dragged on, and I concentrated to fire at all positions and cover my mare. One quick swing by him and...” - Basior reports.

“GREANADE!” - everyone heard, and then there was a bang inside the Embankment. Soon we were at the fortifications. We covered ours when they entered the earthen fortification with pistols in their hands. After securing the center, the advance continued. Those who had the opportunity went to break through, while others protected them from the fire coming of the right wing guns and not only those ones ...

"I reached the building knowing that there was an enemy inside. I decided to get him with the others from the left side, through the back door. So its how we took over the warehouse. Now we're fighting with the enemies hidden on the last hill. They're losing strength, and soon they'll stop leaning out completely. The flag is right under our nose!" - Mikser says.

The siege of the hill extended beyond the triple building, situating the Final Embarkment in a continuous crossfire. The decisive clash led to the clearing of the facility and the capture of the flag, which arrived at our base shortly thereafter.

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We would like to thank B.O.S for the organization and all participants for playing together.


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