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18.11.2022 16:44
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KOS III Konwój Ostatniej Szansy - Reaktywacja / LCC III Last Chance Convoy - Reactivation
date: November 11, 2022
location: Camp Wola (Wola Wodyńska) Event organized by Cezary Dzioba. Description and map of the area (PL):

We took part in the event in a ten-person squad consisting of, among others, Basior, Murzyn, Mikser, Foka, Cygan and four recruits.

The meeting organized on the occasion of Polish Independence Day took the form of a mission with the participation of a vehicle. As part of the blue faction, we were tasked with escorting an armored car on a convoluted route stretching through the entire Wargames battefield. The main goal of the expedition was the gradual pacification of the rivals from Ambush: in order to succeed, key locations in the combat zone had to be cleared, having previously identified them with the help of the founded maps. Did everything go according to plan?

Our road started in the valley of the Grand Fort. We made contact with the enemy even before leaving this ravine of steep hills, but it was only after entering the nearby forest that the first serious attack of local guerrillas awaited us. Pushing east with difficulty, along Camp Wola, we reached the main road, where more ambushes awaited us. Only after breaking through two intersections and turning west, the situation became more favorable.

Paradoxically, dense conifers are not the best place to organize ambushes. Such vegetation surrounded our road at that moment, the next kilometer turned out to be a relatively gentle stretch, although of course not completely safe. So, after another zigzag to the east, we finally reached our first point, The Village.

The rivals hidden in the buildings prevented our move from the western entrance to the settlement for some time. A smaller group separated from the main strike force, forcing the defenders to observe an additional angle. After a fierce exchange of fire with the guards on the church tower ended with the capture of the temple, the troopers attention was drawn to the gathering of opponents in the vicinity of the two-story building. Successfully clearing the object revealed the reason: there was a map inside with the target marked.

The road to next point was not easy. Again the forest, the main road and sharp turns. An arduous battle. Getting to the small post checkpoint and the nearby bunker cost us damage to the armored car given by a grenade. Something rumbled in the distance…

We finally reached the Little Fort. Our siege broke into two divisions. The largest began firing from the bush on the right flank, the others from the left. As the protectors passed, we were drawn more and more towards the center position, so we shortened the distance and taking out our pistols. Explosives burst through the walls. Smoke enveloped the fort. Grenade explosions continued until the last defender was defeated. The acquired map pointed to the last stretch to Shooting Range.

Before we saw the bullet trap, another skirmish awaited us, through one hundred and fifty meters of fields. We left the safe trenches, running into a deadly wasteland, supplemented in places by low brushwood or small solitary trees - the only forms of cover. Fortunately, the enemy was already saving his strength for the final clash.

The closer we got to the earth embankment, the more heads and guns we could count from behind it, the wider escort of the blue convoy spread. The field tirailleur moved on the U-shaped embankment. A daring run combined with the constant overshot of Ambush men cut their supplies it in half leaving even less on our side. The daring attack, however, the second, identical wave resulted in the end. The last point is gone.

The event ended with a bonus in the form of a battle for the Grand Fort.

We would like to thank Cezary for the organization and all participants for playing together.


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19.11.2022 12:18

I love the edit of your pictures.
It's awesome how you can keep the same vibe in alle the story pictures.