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05.11.2022 21:47
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Szturm na Szczygły! / Attack on Szczygły! date: October 30, 2022
location: The Forest in Szczygły Górne

The event was organized by Wilki Wschodu.

Location description (PL):

There were seven Wilks, including Basior, Murzyn, Mikser, Cygan and one recruit and many non-affiliated players who came to our event in Szczygły.

During the last meeting, we focused on the classics of the local games. The event begins with a warm-up Team Deathmatch with unlimited lives taking place in the play area restricted to the West Quarter. Then we started to the Attack / Defense mode, in which the fight was fought over two control points. Taking over and holding such a point for five minutes resulted in its elimination. The collisions of both squads were full of fierce battles on the defensive line ...

As part of the yellow team, we participated in the offensive. Together with Mikser and Cygan, I left the southern respawn point on the run. After quickly crossing the eastern forest strip, we started securing the area, while listening to the increasingly intense sounds of the fight from the area of the western escarpment. The target, which was a bright flag placed forty meters from us, stood behind the side access road in the trenches that were certainly well manned by rivals. We had the opportunity to find out about it after the reinforces arrived.

We established an exchange with entrenched defenders. After Basior and Echo arrivement, we managed to stretch along the enemy positions, taking in constant cut-off fire from our rivals emerging from the pits. As long as our fire lasted, so many opponents found time to constantly replenish their positions with new protectors. This led to the slow breaking of the previously solid line, which resulted in our gradual retreat. The retreat encouraged enemy forces to invade South Quarter, which made it completely impossible to storm the yellow flag.

After the offensive in the east was interrupted, we regrouped on the left wing, thus supporting the companions who had been fighting there from the very beginning. The increased push allowed to move to the escarpment, which is also a control point marked with a black flag. Despite the pressure from several sides, the incessant flooding of permanent defensive positions and extremely daring clashes at ever closer distance, the opponents checkpoint was not conquered.

After switching sides, we started defending the bright flag as defenders. Spreaded behind the dirt channel of the forest track, we expected the real blow that came after a bluntly prolonged silence from the edge of the forest, the border of the left wing from our perspecitve. The column appeared suddenly but also discreetly, just as it crossed the road. When a dangerous crowd went at our Northern Quarter, the closest Mikser shot at the intruder last behind the road. Regardless of their mate, the assault group was moving through the sector, rapidly approaching our backs...

Attempts to recapture the pits in the North were fierce, but just as the counterattack was hastily formed, the five minutes required to take down the flag passed just so quickly. We went on to strengthen the defensive of the West Cliff. By lining a canyon-shaped trench or by extending defensive forces in the jungle of the right side of the slope, we stopped hostile attacks from the front side and flanks, both slight bites as like advanced attacks of deadly mass. This state lasted for a really long time, until the point was taken in the dusk of the ending game.

We would like to thank all participants for coming and playing together.


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