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Szturm na Pasztety! / Attack on Pasztety!
date: October 23, 2022
location: Paszteciarnia (Mordy)

The event was organized by the XII Legion.

Apart from us and the XII Legion, who organized the meeting, many non-affiliated players came to Mordy. As Wilki Wschodu we came in a line-up consisting of Basior, Murzyn, Mikser and one recruit.

The area usually used for CQB games has been additionally extended by a green part. The east of the game area blends into the forest. Despite the artificial nature of the hills located there, reminiscent of, for example, the embankments on the Prochownia in Biała, they are distinguished by their intricate layout in their own way. Between the hills and the brick structure is a mixture of empty grassy spaces with sparse clusters of young conifers. The interior of the Pate Factory building itself consists of many types of rooms, incl. a large hall in the left wing, three slightly smaller halls; square hall, two toilets and a few other small rooms. While most of these places are seamlessly connected to each other, some sectors act like a dead end. A narrow L-shaped corridor helps to move around the facility, allowing you to reach each of the above-mentioned rooms.

The classic CTF turned out to be the leading mode. How we started the game from the side of the hills, our flag ended up in a rectangular valley resembling a small bullet trap. The rivals banner was set up behind the building, so we had to focus on speed.

We went down the path. We had barely reached the foothills when the first bullets flew towards us. We automatically took the nearest foxholes, while noticing in the distance an accumulation of opponents moving along the border of the left flank, partly hidden in the coniferous flora. Until our faction dispersed, we continued to trade at a distance. We finally used the moment when the allies from the wing collided with the opponents for movement. Basior ran first, next was me. We dug a thick bush and fired a few shots at distant conifers. We resumed the sprint, hitting the closer and closer targets inside the Pate Factory. We settled behind an even greater thicket, about twenty-five meters to the UAZ. It didn't take a minute.

The upcoming events also turned out to be quick, unfortunately to our disadvantage. After a long duel with the opponent hidden by the wagon, and in the meantime with the arrival of support in the form of the Mixer, Echo recruit and several other allies, we experienced increasing fire from the far left, gradually weakening our depressed position. Before we managed to compensate for the losses in the field, the defensive lack of a flag in the valley was noticed ...

After switching sides, we paid more attention to the defense. As Basior and Mixer led the main strike up the hill, me, Echo, and a handful of other companions lined the key rooms of the building and the flag itself. Initially, the clashes in our country were limited to the approaches of individual aggressors that were easy to neutralize. Our attackers then struggled with the intense resistance of the "mountain guards". Under enemy bullets, they stayed in their positions as much as possible, cutting themselves crudely into the dangerous foreground at every opportunity. Later in the round, we repelled a big hit on the left flank. It was a signal that the enemies were breaking through, so coldly we proceeded to intensify the defense of the back yard of the Pate Factory. The opposing force dispersed linearly along the conifers and grasses, sometimes overwhelming the left wing to the right wing, but without any major advances. The round ended prematurely on this, leaving the outcome of the battle pending.

The meeting ended with Team Deathmatch in CQB conditions.

We thank the XII Legion for the organization and all participants for playing together.

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