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18.10.2022 21:30
Can I make a CQB gameplay video in my style of making videos?
That was a small challenge I wanted to do and I'm happy with the result, what's your opinion?

Video link:
CQB Gameplay - The Shelter (BE),

Something I'm not used of doing but with a new style of editing that I'm trying these was a perfect test. Can I make CQB gameplay interesting without just showing the hits.

During the video I'm not only showing the gameplay but I also explain what is going on and go over the different rooms in The Shelter. Playing in the Village, The Market, The Hospital or any one of the other rooms is different for every room. That makes The Shelter an amazing place to play in.

We were 10 players divided in 2 teams and played some fun game modes. I had an amazing time searching for them in the dark.

I played with Skinny her Novritsch SSP5 for the second time. I removed the reddot sight because I didn't want it to be shot. I had to work on my eye-hand coordination, but that worked out pretty good.
A very good evening with awesome people in a cool place, perfect.

Enjoy the gameplay.
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