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15.10.2022 20:08
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date: 09.10.2022
location: Prochownia (Biała Podlaska)

The event was organized by B.O.S ASG Biała Podlaska. The area described in the report No. 105 (link in the comment).

This time we came to the Prochownia in a small group consisting of Basor, Murzyn, Mikser and one recruit. Members of the Stowarzyszenie ASG "Pierwszy Batalion Szutrmowy" from Parczew, B.O.S and non-affiliated players also participated on this event.

The next game on Biała was marked by two flags, although it was not the most common form of the popular CTF. The immortal terminator Fyodor, who merrily circled over the area only waiting for a provocation, interrupted the task of intercepting the banners from the enemy base. The entire available area has been incorporated into the game. How we started from the north side of the facility, our goal was the flag in the gazebo. At the same time, we had to keep an eye on the Ending Shaft where our point where located.

When most of the allies went to central hills, we headed our four to the western flank. In the birch nursery, we took further covers, scanning both the thicket and the grassy border of the AO. Second one was where we saw the first enemy, and a quick firefight showed the presence of at least two more in the thicket. By teamwork coordination we approach to pressurize enemy positions, forcing them to flee or eliminate them altogether. Despite the constant oncoming of single blue-marked ones, the situation was favorable.

However, a critical thing happened. The defense of Central Shaft met with great opposite force resistance. We quickly lost the fortification and its surroundings, as a result, the inevitable waves of enemies broke into the northern terrain of the Prochownia. Our defenders withdrew to the triple building, and as a result of the increasing cross-fire, this fate befell us as well. Over time, we launched our standard Ending Shaft defense plan, gathering all the Reds in the immediate vicinity of the flag. After a series of attacks, from back approaches to kamikaze attacks, we luckly defended our base to end of round.

After switching sides, we did not give up on the western flank, which, as it unexpectedly turned out, was of key importance in the context of the entire skirmish.

Despite the initial difficulties, we perfectly find ourself in the bushes. Thanks to actions such as the one in which Mikser and Basior jumped out a few meters, covered the endangered area with fire, and for dessert they provoked Fyodor to fire at hidden rivals, we moved significantly north, slaughtering most opponents on our way. However, it is hard to avoid losses at such intensity ..

The murderous tension persisted on both wings. With time, the progress weakened the strength of our push, so when a 10-person strike appeared on the left, aimed solely to capture our flag, we were quickly smashed. However, before that we managed to issue an alert.

The massive group of Reds rushed to the gazebo, starting the most intense battle of all taken with Blues, already manned far behind base when it begins. Risky fight. Distant exchanges, close contacts and knife&stock FULL contacts. Me and the recruit Grom who keep the others from approaching the building, the Basior and Mikser on our left who lead the resistance, like a huge hook grabbing the enemy forces; it is elsewhere the allies from the Batalion and others pound enemies hidden behind trees, barricades and in the grass, paralyzing them in the omnipresent crossfire. They did not reach the flag.

After our defensive success, we did not remain passive. We sent a large counterattack on the same western flank, which managed to get to the Ending Shaft itself. Meanwhile we focused on securing the right side of the terrain to maintain a favorable condition after the battle as long as possible. After all, the day ended with two vividly draws.

We thanks B.O.S for the organization and all participants for playing together.


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