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09.10.2022 13:25
It has been a while since I did a CQB video edit. But I don't think I did one from The Shelter. So I wanted to combine a few things in one video.

I noticed that my original footage was very dark. I hoped that I could bring some color back in post and look at that.

It's crazy how much I can bring back to live!
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17.10.2022 18:44

soo you gonna see me shot several times then

17.10.2022 23:32
Jup, but you you also got me a few times :D
16.10.2022 10:6

Night vision light be like :P.

16.10.2022 11:49

The dark mode on the GoPro7 is very good. It was already good on the gopro3. Lisa has the gopro10 and there you can set an ISO. What gopro does is taking the extra frame to capture more light in the scene, the video quality is not the best, but you can see what is going on. In most cases that will do.

05.11.2022 16:55

mounted night vision is not allowed in Belgium

05.11.2022 17:1

Night visions with a mount to put on your rifle are indeed not allowed. You can wear them on a helmet.