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28.09.2022 23:23
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date: September 25, 2022

Last Sunday we went to the outskirts of Łuków, where we participated in a casual meeting organized by Grześ Sulej. Despite the intimate scale, the airsoft part was full of attractions. The mode itself, which is a variation of the popular Attack / Defense, has been enriched with minor side activities and a storyline with the theme of defending the "city" against the invasion. An important addition turned out to be a trumpet artillery, which could paralyze the movement among the offensive "paratroopers" for a short time. The game took place in a narrow area with diverse vegetation, dominated by branchy conifers and narrow birches, which also increased the intensity of the clashes. After the struggle was over, we went to an integration barbecue.

We would like to thank Grzes for the invitation and all participants for the meeting.

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