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25.09.2022 11:25
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date: September 18, 2022
location: Prochownia (Biała Podlaska)

The event was organized by B.O.S ASG Biała Podlaska.

We represented Wilki Wschodu in the squad of Basior, Murzyn, Mikser, Wiewiór, Krecik and three recruits. In addition to our eight and the B.O.S organizing the event, many non-affiliated players came.

From today's perspective, the meeting was marked by the sign of the time, because the scenario assumed a fight between two factions for a chess clock located in one of the buildings. The team, for which the counters finally showed a more favorable length time of controlling the object, won.

We played on the side of the Reds, with whom we started the game from the side of the gazebo. Spreaded into two groups, we entered symmetrical flanks in the sprint. We synchronized our way through the plants, still green and dense, finally reaching the narrow stripes at the very edges of the wings. While patrolling the avenues of tall grass and branchy apple trees, we quickly encountered an identical problem on both parallel sides of the battlefield.

The rivals, consistently manned behind the barricades, effectively prevented further penetration of the area, only waiting for the approach of larger groups of Reds. Our use of a similar, static play limited the number of firefights, creating something like a positional microwar. In the long run, this worked to our disadvantage, and the opponent managed to significantly push the imaginary line towards our respawn point. Their sudden intrusion to the middle covers made us think that this stage of the game will no be ours.

After a round of subdued exchanges on the wings, there was a swap of sides. Moving out into the terrain from the end of the northern part of the Prochownia, we ran straight to the central hills, where in the near future the strongest collision of both trains took place, resulting in an extreme increase in the pace of action and the intensity of subsequent events.

As a running group, passing paintball barricades, we noticed the approaching horde on the horizon. Its slowly rolled along the main path, releasing two to three units on each flank. When we reached the embankment line, the leading Mikser immediately directed us to the inside of the left fortification. Some of the people automatically climbed to the very top of the south wall, picking up rifles to cover the allies who decided to jump over the earthy obstacle. They were the ones who immediately set off to the neighboring building, the one which was crucial for everyone.

When the first, murderous series was shooted by the already spreaded horde, I was with Achmed right under the brick hiding place of the clock. Behind our backs we heard shots of Mikser, Reko and Impet, pouring in from the cliff with the approaching crowd of opponents. Located between the hills, Basior spread fire towards the southern part of the path. It helped Wiewiór and Krecik who moved to capture Sniper's Nest - a soaring hill to Basior's right. An exhausting battle continued.

Clouds of hostile bullets cut off both entrances to the clock building like a guillotine: both the regular one from the road and the breach in the wall from the thickets side. This inconvenience did not allow us to jump inside. The enemy force, on the other hand, pressed harder and harder. There were close contacts, more and more risk was brought by leaning out, and to make matters worse, we had to deal with a group of saboteurs located in the building on our backs. Despite all the inconvenience, we kept a stiff upper lip, using the fiercest form of defense we could afford until we lost the last defender of the hills.

However, the bubble finally popped out . Hostile forces occupied a U-shaped embankment. Initially, we crashed across the overgrown flanks, slowing down their speeding attack. Over time, we regrouped at the rear, where we saw the end of the round, defending another line of hills.

We thank B.O.S for the organization and all participants for playing together.


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