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13.09.2022 18:04
New video online: Bellum 2022 - Teaser
Video link:

BELLUM 2022,

The 4th edition of Bellum has ended and it was amazing!
This year must have been one of my best events I have ever attended. The gameplay, the team, the tactics, the platoon, ... everything we tried seemed to work.

Bellum is a milsim that is open for everyone. It can be your first game or your 100th. It's a simple but good concept that will give you a lot of joy. The organisers are doing an amazing job on keeping the game as dynamic as possible.

With this small teaser video I want to give a small glimps of how it was. More videos will follow where I will explain everything that happened.

If you don't want to miss the series, don't forget to subscribe to the channel. All videos will premiere on the channel so we can watch them together.

Enjoy the video!

Picture by Andreas Magnefjord
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