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raport 124
Konflikt na małą skalę / The Small scale conflict
date: 09/04/2022
location: Forest in Szczygły Górne

Event organized by Wilki Wschodu.

Link to the description of the area in the comment.

Basior, Murzyn, Mikser, Foka and three recruits participated in the intimate event we organized in Szczygły. A few non-affiliated players also came.

We chose the mode that made its debut at the beginning of summer: Death Race (check the "raport 120"). Once again we had to deal with our opponents along the entire terrain, and the target was the flag placed at the other end, diagonally from our starting point. In-game events took an unexpected direction...

The game has started. Without much thought, we headed to the West Quarter, taking the trenches there. We secured the position well, catching the first engagement with opponents behind the road. They slowly gathered in the neighboring Northern Quarter, the edge of which would be the direction of the offensive.

Before that, we had to look under a different flag. When we managed to select a group of defenders to sens there, we noticed the silhouettes of several figures corssing over the forest track, from the left flank to its right side, seen on the bright background of forest endline. A hundred meters from the line of our pits. We reacted by moving forward, deeper into our quarter. It wasn't long before we got the contact. During the fight, we counted four opponents firing from behind branchy bushes. We was already closest with Grom and Achmed when the threatened area was cleared. A quick reconnaissance of the zone made us understand that one of those companions had escaped with the loot. We immediately informed the rest of the flag, but it was too late.

After regrouping, we decided to counterattack from several sides, which would give us a chance to draw. Unfortunately, its too was eventually crushed, despite the losses inflicted on the enemy defense.

The second round involved a change of sides. We sprinted across the jungle of the Eastern Quarter, immediately reaching the defensive point and securing it from every possible side. We were helped by a small embankment, which was the highest point around. This part of the game was related to the word "resistance". The first, sluggish pressure of the rivals came from the alley formed by the dike, comfortable in approach, but having to carry a large dose of uncertainty and risk to the pushing side. It was not without reason that subsequent attacks deviated further and further on our right wing (od we looking to the east), turning over time into frequent diversions on our backs. The whole thing was gaining on strength, and although the aforementioned resistance came out really well in the long run, the flag was taken again, but after a much longer time.

Another counteroffensive, less complex, based on a simple movement towards the area of the flag but in practice carring considerable losses, resulted in an interesting moment in which Basior successfully managed to grab the flag.

After two intense clashes of Death Race, we played a round of Moving Flags game mode. Each squad had the task of transporting its banner along the access road (from west to east and vice versa), while preventing the enemy's banner from reaching the allied respawn point.

The action took place in two places at once. The weaker hit was directed to the trenches of the Western Quarter and after a few short replacements the area was successfully cleared. We left it just as quickly, heading for the zone that required more attention. The decision turned out to be right, because most of the time the pits were empty afterwards. The iconic slope was the most crowded after the collision of the two main forces. The battle for this extremely important strategic point lasted practically until the end of the struggle, and it kept changing "owner". Meantime, both flags passed through the central intersection, but neither of them reached their designated spot before the finale of last Sunday impressions.

We would like to thank all participants for coming and playing together.


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Terrain description (PL) and high resolution map on link bellow