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06.09.2022 10:56
What a time I had!

Last few weeks were crazy, but I loved every second of it. I was able to go to different countries for different airsoft events. I tried to update my social platforms as much as possible but that was not easy. With this post I want to give a small summary of what went on in the last weeks.

It started with the Novritsch SSP5 launch in Austria. Skinny was invited and I tagged along as her camera man/editor. I met amazing people and yes, I talked a lot. It was the perfect opportunity to talk about what I stand for and what I want to do. Also the SSP5 is a really cool pistol.

During that weekend we went to play a CQB game in Czech with the SSP5. A hard and intense game where almost everyone used the SSP5. First time for me rocking a pistol only, but it was nice. Yes, I have gameplay footage of that.

After a week of working we drove to UK for the National Airsoft Festival. A weekend of airsoft with people we met online, people we met on the SSP5 launch and about 3000 other airsofters. I might have talked a lot with people, no surprise there.

36h after we came home we got in the car again and started driving to Sweden for Bellum, a 400+ player airsoft milsim. Bellum 2022 must have been one of the best games I have played in 16 years of airsoft. But I'll explain that in the videos.

During this crazy time we also launched the first update of the Airsoft platform Airsofter World. That video is already live on the channel.

It's now time to go over all the footage, make videos and spread so airsoft to the world. All the videos will be on my youtube channel. (

I want to thank everyone for these amazing weeks!

Pictures made by
- Novritsch crew
- Hidden Hedgehog
- Andreas Magnefjord
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