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raport 123 "Wrócić przez dżunglę" date: July 7 2022 location: forest in Karwacz (near Łuków) Event organized by Wilki Wschodu. Link to the description of the area in the comment. (leave comment for translation request). We participated in the event in an eleven-person team consisting of Basior, Murzyn, Mikser, Foka, Krecik, Bierek, Wiewiór and recruits. Apart from us, the Wisła River Corps team came to the skirmish, as well as non-affiliated players. After escaping from the convoy attacked by the Border Police of the self-proclaimed republic of Nomanoma in South America, a branch of the Security Forces was forced to hide in the jungle in order to implement a makeshift plan to escort an important officer across the border of hostile territory. After the start of the action, the camp was quickly located by patrols from a nearby garrison. Small raids turned into a regular offensive, which forced the Security Forces to take risky steps. An additional opponent was also a tropical, rainy climate ... As part of the yellow marked Security Forces, we had the task of leading our mate Bierek behind the Offgame line of our rivals in the northern part of the area. Ultimately, the VIP also acted as a quasi-medic: after holding hand down on him for a minute, participants could respawn on the battlefield. The base of the Police operated in a similar way, but this one was permanently located in the center of the slope downhill. We started the escort mission in the swamp area, from the southern Offgame. We organized a solid group, which we moved to the very cliff preceding a thick strip of deep trenches under the hill, an access road, as well as several small, densely overgrown hills, hiding the entrance to the enemy garrison from our sight. Some of the allies entered the pits, establishing a line of first contact. The rest of the people insisted on making a good bet on the crouching VIP uphill. We had just secured our positions when the first movement was noticed in the thicket seventy meters ahead. We took the time. We were gradually and effectively repelling small units. With each successive wave, we could see our opponents farther and farther on our flanks, but we dealt with this by dynamically adjusting our position to the attacked angle. However, the resistance grew stronger. When, among others, Mikser and Krecik were covering the front part of the cliff, Grom and Bierek watched mostly the left one, and Wiewiór and recruits fought for a bush under the right slope, Basior and Foka patrolled the area in order to find the right route to the next phase of the plan. It was getting serious. Basior came to us, informing about the creation of a safe displacement corridor. Taking command of our ascent, he organized a distraction that allowed me, escorted Bierek and recruit Reko, to retreat deep into the bush on the right flank. We entered the next phase of the plan: secretly traversing the lush thicket, we headed in side of the northern border. Especially careful at movement in the ubiquitous, wet leaves, we reached a small hill, where we heard shoots. Not close, but also not distant. At this point, things started to get complicated. The radios started to fail. The flow of information has become very distressed. We barely heard out about the heavy impact and loss ot the just leaved hill-camp among other things. There was no chance of effective broadcasting. Glasses steaming in rainy conditions also did not help, and we learned from the encountered ally about enemy units circling in the area. We felt trapped. We waited in silence for the announced support, minimizing any moves to zero so as not to endanger the escorted one. Reinforcements were getting really close, however then we were attacked. This firefirght was characterized by tactical calm, a dueling by reflex, but also unimaginable tension. We cut down a few of the aggressors, but it was too late. VIP got shot and forced us to retreat completely. The scenario ended up in a fierce battle over a dug cliff, so the Special Forces did not manage to break through the border. After playing the main mode, the relaxing Team Deathmatch took place as the ending phase of meeting. We would like to thank all participants for coming and playing together. ~Murzyn Thanks for reading! This is a auto-translated text. Check link bellow to see original post:

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