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08.08.2022 20:58

New video online: SSS V2 Gearbox ASSEMBLY - ICS SSS/S3 Mosfet Video link: ------------------------- SSS V2 Gearbox Assembly, We've all had it, opening up something and then having a difficult time to get it all back together. Well it happened to me, not that long ago. I had an error on my SSS gearbox and I needed to open it up. So I did. When trying to close it down again, I struggled with some smaller parts and opened up my Youtube to search for a video. Well, there was not a video there so I had to call ICS to help me. After I got it all back together and it was working, I decided to make this video for people with the same issue. So there is not much to say about this video, I hope it helps you to get your gearbox back together. I used some different angles to show you, from different sides, how the assembly proces is done. ICS told me in what order I had to put the pieces in there to have the best result. So, I hope this video helps you! Oh, on a personal touch, I can watch this video over and over again because for some reason it's so relaxing. Don't fall asleep. Enjoy the video.

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